Corporate & Institutional Investors

Securely capitalise on the Crypto market dynamics

CoinfloorEX enables Institutional Investors to diversify their client portfolios by participating in a high potential emerging asset class. 

CoinfloorEX enables Corporate and Institutional Investors to diversify their client portfolios by participating in a high potential emerging asset class, capitalising on market dynamics with confidence that they can take advantage of this opportunity within their own risk parameters.

Institutions are under increasing pressure to boost portfolio performance in a low returns market and are seeking opportunities to invest in emerging asset classes that offer higher potential returns than traditional asset classes.

There is a need to ensure that their chosen investment vehicles strike an acceptable balance between risk and return for their clients and within their organisations risk appetite. Whilst some are concerned about asset classes with high volatility, others see the opportunities that volatility can present.

Those who have the ability to offer their clients innovative investment options can benefit from an early adopter advantage and enhance their own brand reputation amongst their competitive set.

  • CoinfloorEX enables physical delivery of cryptocurrency, enabling you to grow your Crypto holdings or benefit from longer-term currency appreciation.
  • ​Access to CoinfloorEX’s spot exchange, where you are able to easily convert to other currencies post physical delivery of cryptocurrency.
  • Access via an online, web-based exchange portal with the ability to trade and track your position 24/7, enabling your ability to capture opportunities or react to market movements.
  • Customer assets held on CoinfloorEX are secured by Coinfloor Settlement and Custody Services, our 100% multi-signature cold storage custodian facility, protecting you from theft, loss or other security issues associated with partially online or online only storage.
  • CoinfloorEX publishes monthly Provable Solvency reports of crypto balances, giving you ongoing confidence that we have sufficient liquidity to manage market fluctuations.
  • CoinfloorEX’s client on-boarding process is strictly modelled against regulatory Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) standards. We maintain a strict compliance regime, reducing transactional risk and providing you with confidence in the legitimacy of your counterparties.
  • The minimum size of any fiat deposit must be greater than $100,000. The minimum bitcoin deposit is 1XBT.